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        Sunday Smokes 

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Inspired by his own Sunday BBQs back home in Australia with his family, or as they would call it their 'Sunday Smokes'; our new Sunday Smokes menu was created by Head Chef Jayd and boasts fall-off-the-bone roasts like an MB9+ Short Rib over aromatic woods, deliciously smoked Briskets, hearty southern inspired sides that feed the soul and many more. Each roast is smoked for more than 12 hours over a combination of dried aged Jarrah, Cherry and Oak wood for that distinctive smoky BBQ smell wafting through the air and subtle hint of sweetness infused in the meats we all love. 

It's just Jayd's way of paying homage to his roots and bringing a lil' bit of the outback here in Singapore, in view of everything that has been happening these 2 years.


There's just really nothing better to have on a Sunday afternoon than an ice cold beer and good ole' western barbecue. It's all about good food, good beer and good vibes at Sunday Smokes, and we really can't wait to have a bussin' cookout with y'all.


Next Smokeout:

5th December 2021


11am - Closing

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