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Helmed By 
Head Chef Jayd Kitt

Growing up in his family farm in a little town called Bendigo in Central Victoria Australia, Jayd is no stranger to the outback lifestyle. Having worked in the Australian Navy and travelling across many parts of the world, Jayd has collected an encyclopedic knowledge of different cultures and their flavors, and how they work together.


Breaking the rules of food, fusing uncommon tastes together and innovating fresh new ideas in his dishes is his philosophy behind creating his menu, as he believes that food is more than just a meal- but an adventure.


Savor more than just ingredients on a plate, but his ideas and way of thinking.


Kick back and relax in an alfresco atmosphere decked with woven rattan chairs and garden tables that lead to the open terrace, where an iconic greenhouse centrepiece welcomes you with live entertainment. Sip on refreshing drinks or dig into our Signature Tomahawk Steak prepared by the Grill House  – as you dine amidst Senegal Mahogany and Angsana trees whispering in the cool breeze. You may also linger around the Grill House to watch the chefs grill your food masterfully or settle by the bench for its delectable aroma; coming not just from the grill, but also the fragrance of the specially imported Jarrah, Apple, and Lychee firewood.

Feel The Breeze On Your Skin

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